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Please be patient with us as we continue to take precautions after re-opening our building to the public. Also:

* only 4 people inside at a time


* mask-wearing is strongly encouraged


* please call before entering (918-426-1904), even if you have an appointment


* curbside services are still available, if you prefer


* if you need to make an appointment, consider booking through our Facebook page (instead of calling and possibly waiting on hold)


*Farm calls and house calls: The doctor is still making scheduled farm and house calls.  Please call our office during business hours to schedule, and please also be aware that an additional farm/house call fee may apply.

*Online ordering: If you need a refill on your pet's prescription, but are not in a rush, consider using our online pharmacy.  Click HERE to learn more and to access the direct pharmacy link.

*Over-the-phone prescription refills: We will be available, as always, to fill prescriptions over-the-phone, and have them ready for pick-up.  (If we have not seen your pet within the last calendar year and you are needing either prescription or non-prescription medication, please call our office.)

*After-hours calls:  We are seeing limited after-hours calls at the clinic for active clients (meaning that we have seen you or your pet within the last calendar year).  We will be limiting our contact for after-hours calls by refraining from entering private homes.  Instead, we will gladly assist you and your pet at the clinic or outside of your home.  An after-hours fee may apply for after-hours emergencies. 


  Also, PLEASE BE COURTEOUS!  If you are feeling at all unwell, we ask that you refrain from coming to the clinic as a courtesy to other clients, our staff, and our families.  

(Last updated: 1/8/22)

We're Excited to Have You Back!

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