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Do you need to leave town for a few days, but are unable to take your dog or cat with you?  No problem! At KVC, we offer boarding services for our clients' furry friends for essentially any length of time.  If you need to board more than one animal at a time, we can easily accommodate multi-pet boarding if you prefer that they be together in the same kennel space during your absence. 

Our kennel areas are thoroughly cleaned twice or more a day, and all of the our "guests" are given fresh food and water twice daily.  Additionally, a member of our staff is always available to check on and care for the animals outside of our normal business hours.  

Would you like Fido to have a bath and nail trim before he returns home, or a dental cleaning?  Let us know on the KVC Boarding Consent Form what you would like us to do, and we'll get it done!

To schedule your pet for boarding, please give our office a call at 918.426.1904, and bring in a completed Boarding Consent Form.

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