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Laser Therapy

Here at KVC, cold laser therapy is one approach we use to assist damaged tissue and muscle in the healing process.  It is also used to lesson pain and inflammation of infected and damaged areas due to skin abrasions, lesions, and other epidermal and muscular damage.  The mechanism behind the approach is that the light of the laser stimulates the mitochondria of skin and muscle cells to regenerate.  Mitochondria are responsible for the energy production of cells, respiration, and cellular metabolism.  The use of laser therapy can help stimulate respiration and regeneration of the mitochondria and as a result, of the cells.

Laser therapy is a harmless and non-invasive procedure, and requires no surgery or anesthesia, and is usually requires 5-10 minutes per session.  In addition to skin abrasion and lesions, laser therapy can also be used as a course of treatment for arthritis, inflammation, disc disease, and other dermatological issues (to name a few).

Pet owners are encouraged to consult with Dr. Crownover to determine if the use of laser therapy is an appropriate approach course of treatment in the care of skin and muscular injuries. 

For further reading, we also suggest reading this informative article published by Merck Veterinary Manual: 

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