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Progesterone and Pregnancy Testing

Many of our clients have questions about their pets' pregnancies, and here at KVC we can offer you guidance and advice.  We use ultrasound and radiography testing, and various blood tests to help you determine if your animal is pregnant. Additionally, our services include progesterone testing in female animals, and semen collection and insemination.   We also utilize ultrasonography to determine the viability of a pregnancy, and to help you ensure the safety of the mother (keeping in mind that no other unforeseen complications arise later on in pregnancy).


Progesterone in female animals (as in humans) is a necessary hormone for viable pregnancy.  In terms of testing, progesterone is key in determining when an animal ovulates and when is the best time for fertilization. Fertilization and insemination windows vary among species, and for your canine pets in particular, we can provide you with a quantitative progesterone value in approximately 25 minutes. With this particular test we can help you determine the best day to have your animal bred, allowing you to increase likelihood of conception and litter size.  Additionally, this test can also be used determine if your dog is in labor. 

We currently perform pregnancy testing and services for the following species: dog, cat, horse, goat, sheep and cow.

Please contact our office directly with any questions, or refer to Merck Veterinary Manual for frequently asked questions:

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