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Preventative Care

As with ourselves, it is important that your pet receive routine preventative care to ensure the quality of their overall health and well-being.  Preventative care, through yearly check-ups, help pet owners stay ahead of many illnesses and conditions that could develop in the future.  And the routine visits to our office for a yearly check-up are much less costly than a visit once a problem has occurred.   Preventative care also consists of regularly administering flea, tick, and heart worm medication when applicable.  And we understand that, just as with people, some animals are nervous about visiting their doctor.  But our friendly staff is here to help your pet feel comfortable while they are in our care. 

A routine check-up usually consists of an exam, updating vaccinations, and optional blood work.  During the exam, Dr. Crownover will do an external exam, inspect the eyes, ears, mouth, and listen to the heart of the animal to look for signs of abnormalities and other concerns that might be an indication of a treatable problem.  He will also review with you your pet's vaccine history and make vaccination recommendations according to your animal's age and needs. This is also the time for pet owners to voice any concerns that they may have about any unusual behaviors, changes in diet, or other changes they have noticed with their pet. 

Conducting a blood work panel is always a recommendation (especially if we have never seen your pet before, or if it is the first visit with us in a while) because there are some conditions that can only be detected though the blood.  Most blood tests are run in-house (with results available during your visit), while some may need to be sent to a larger lab in Tulsa (with result available within the week). Either way, it is a recommendation we make to all of our clients, especially if there have been diagnosed health concerns in the past.  Additionally, blood work is a requirement before prescribing some medications or performing certain procedures, and Dr. Crownover will discuss this with you if it becomes necessary.  It is also a state law that if the patient is new to our clinic, we cannot give out any kind of medication (prescribed or over-the-counter, including flea and tick medications and collars) without first conducting an office visit.  Office visits must be done at least once a calendar year before medications will be dispensed by our office.

Please contact our office today to schedule your pet for a check-up, and learn more about their importance here.

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