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Surgical Services

Here at KVC we take great care in providing safe and competent surgical procedures for a variety of animal specifies, and for a myriad of reasons.  Some procedures are planned (such as a spay or neuter), while others are unexpected (such as an exploratory, because Fido chewed a shoe, and now part of it is missing). These are just a few of the surgical procedures we provide: 


-bone fracture repair and other orthopedic procedures

-limb amputation

-Cesarean section

-dental procedures

-limited elective procedures

-wound repair

-exploratory and foreign body removal

-benign and malignant tumor and carcinoma removal

-bowel re-sectioning

-ophthalmic (eye) procedures

Dr. Crownover and our staff will discuss surgical procedures, anesthesia options, pain medications, and pre-op directions with you, as well as what you can expect to help your pet recover during post-op.  We do ask that surgeries be scheduled with the front office, and that your animal be brought to the clinic in the morning by 9am (unless otherwise discussed)  and many patients can return home by the end of the day.  However, depending on the type of procedure, we may need to keep your pet overnight for observation, but this varies from patient to patient, and can be discussed with our friendly staff.

We do require that all surgical procedures (planned and emergency alike) be accompanied by a signed surgical and waiver form, which can be found on our "Important Forms" page.

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