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Thermal and Diagnostic Imaging 

Of the many services we offer at KVC, we are happy to include Thermal and Diagnostic Imaging among them.  The types of imaging that we offer at KVC include:

- x-rays

- ultrasound

- infrared thermal imaging (thermography)

Often times a client has a concern for their pet, but no outward problems are apparent, and so imaging approaches that can identify internal issues may be necessary to scan the soft tissue and bones of the animal.  These types of imaging can be used to: 


- detect lameness in an animal

- monitor the healing process of a previously treated wound or condition

-detect temperature changes (that can be used in treating wounds and to possibly detect certain kinds of cancers)


These forms of imaging are completely non-invasive, fast, require no sedation, and in the case of an ultrasound and infrared thermal imaging, emit no radiation.  

For more information about these diagnostic options, contact our office to make an appointment.

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